Grilled Birds 4 - 3 Fortalese
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 8412 May 2023 20:00 HTT
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Nuts Better Hotspur

Grilled head coach Tian Yonghang admitted to being pleasantly surprised at the level of play that Fortalese were capable of. "They would definitely not look out of place in the local third division." he assessed. "Daquilanea's goalkeeping form worried me a little there, but our guys found a way past him. Four, in fact."

English III.12 representatives Nutwood County saw off Jasiu Hotspur from two divisions down by the odd goal, which leaves the Birds leading the group for now on goals scored. It was hardly a stroll for Nutwood either with Hotspur clamming up in a 5-4-1, but Ryszard Mazela banged it home off the crossbar three minutes from half-time, which was just about the only clear chance of the game before Hotspur's oversized teenager Jacob Bray bullied the Nutwood defence towards the end.

This did not result in an equalizer for Hotspur, alas for Bray, but Tian was sufficiently impressed after reviewing the match highlights. "What did they feed him as a baby? Or was he brought up in a powerlifting gym?"

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