Grilled Birds 7 - 0 Viachers Cuba
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 8410 May 2023 04:30 HTT
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Tan Over Tighe

Moey Xin Seng might not have done too much in his fifteen minutes on the pitch, but he had seen enough to state that Viachers had the makings of a good thing going. "Sure they let in seven today, but it wasn't as if it was a very fair contest." the Grilled veteran assessed. "Give them a bit more time and maybe shore up a few critical positions, and it will get a lot closer."

This was true for the other two Grilled club friendlies of the day, with Istanbul H.A.L VII.1146 club GaLaTaSaRaY İSTANBUL taking Farmer Bunnies to extra time, before succumbing. Ercüment Üner's opener off Gabriel Luke dropping a 33rd minute corner would be equalled immediately by Lau Keng Kwang from Toh Eng Guang's hit-and-pray cross from deep, and the Buns appeared to have blown it when Lee Yau Tong stroked a penalty straight at Finnish Number One Kai Mäntylä, who was expecting just something like that.

The hosts hadn't counted on the temperament of combustible English youngster Frederick Tighe, however, as the constant attention he got when outnumbered by the Buns' back five took its toll. After a first yellow in the first half for starting an argument, he flung the ball away after another call went against him in the 73rd, which saw him dismissed. Tan Dong Hao would come in for Lau soon after, right on schedule to smash Amaya Ravula's corner home in extra time.

Grilled International lost by the same 1-2 margin to Romanian Division Six top dogs C.F.R HALTA COZIA, with Arcadi Sansalvador striking in the 18th minute after a dizzying see-saw between both goalmouths, in the aftermath of Chua Jun Long's withdrawal due to a jarred right ankle following Ryszard Motyka's stiff tackle.

Zlatko Bedrina and André Filipe Sucena answered for the visitors within the next ten minute, unfortunately, with several fine chances falling Shantinath Singh's way, only for the 29 year-old to overthink each of them. Sansalvador came close to ekeing an equalizer out in the 73rd minute, but Tiberiu Pustai's hand came up quickly to divert it out for a corner.

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