07 May 2023
Sim & Tan Skedaddle

Two Grilled Birds academy lads would snatch at foreign offers today, with Sim Xin Loong moving to Kazakhstani Division Three club Kairatt, and Tan Ying Yeow going for Chilean VI.945 leaders FC ASTON VILLA FS, both on free transfers. Grilled Birds were happy not to stand in their way, mindful of how competitive the transfer market for youth talent has been, in recent years.

Sim regards himself as a versatile defender with modern distributional and supportive abilities, which has been largely supported by his scouting reviews. This had also brought him interest from German Division Seven outfit FC Blutgrätsche 2006, but Kairatt's relatively high position - and an appeal from their Finnish boss Juuso von Rettig - was enough to convince him. He will be joined by Dane Jes Tengstedt and Brazilian Hennes Hohnsperg, as Kairatt attempts to assemble a fresh new defensive line.

As for Tan, he had not expected too much being a year older, but the sheer force he could bring to midfield eventually yielded him some admirers from Chile. He thus becomes the newly-founded FC ASTON VILLA FS' first ever buy, and may well start against ignac10 lv given their limited options.

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