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05 December 2017
Legends And Heroes

There was no rest for the weary, as the Grilled clubs threw themselves headlong into new Hattrick-sanctioned international tournaments.

With each club assigned to a tourney based on their age, Grilled Birds entered the Trophy of Legends, and were duly smashed 7-0 by Belgian Division Three side FC Privot in their first appearance. They improved with a 4-2 win over Italian sixth division club Sciancados, despite Yuta Nakakita getting sent off in trying to stop Gerrit Schep from scoring in the 43rd minute, after having opened the scoring himself with a big header in the 8th.

The ten-man Birds would come back through Chan Ze Han and Neeraj Muthyala after Philippe Tourette equalised, and Tian Yonghang would fill in nicely for the suspended Yuta in the next match against Chile's raspeygane, and even struck twice in the dying minutes of a 9-1 thrashing. Another Belgian side were then the next to feel Grilled's wrath, with tiemXtriem beaten 6-0 as both Kalki Parvathaneni and Moey Xin Seng completed braces.

"It's hectic, but I wouldn't trade my job for anything." Chan Ze Han commented.

Bunnies were undefeated in their first four games of the Heroes of 2014 Trophy, and started off by defeating Romanian sixth division challengers smeeny phoenix through three goals in the first twenty minutes. Enzo Paolo Panzarino kept on scoring in a 2-0 win against Sissina Hofburg (Italian Division Seven), and then found a late, late winner against VictoryArt II (Luxembourg Division Three).

The Buns would finally hit a roadblock against Mexican fourth division club THE SOPRANOS NJ, in a highly-cautious interaction that finished nil-all. Farmer Bunnies probably had more cause to be unhappy about it, though, as Brendan Leung's tireless man-marking of SOPRANOS Number Nine Gael Cervantes left them with nary a proper shot on target.

Grilled International would wind up having the best record of them all in their Heroes of 2017 Trophy, gaining a perfect twelve points from twelve. Latest Golden Boot winner Micky bin Kadir was unstoppable, scoring five in the opening three games.

First up was Belgian Division Six club rossoneri28, who bravely fought back to 3-2 after falling three behind. Turkish Division Six side Gotanabirlikspor came close too, but Micky again proved the difference, poaching an 84th minute winner from a defensive mistake, cancelling Halil Sünnetçi's equaliser.

Micky bin Kadir then found a further two against Polish Division Seven club Dynamic Przegedza FC as International controlled the game to great effect, and finally came up dry in a 2-0 over Russian Division Five team GoldenJet. Abdul Hamid bin Hj Ali Timbang and Romano Armellin picked up the slack late, in a contest that appeared destined for a draw.

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