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Einebakken Kickers 7 - 1 Grilled Birds
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 6626 November 2017 22:00 HTT
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Valuable Lessons

Grilled may have shipped seven goals, but as Chan Ze Han steadfastedly insisted, they were probably - at least a little - wiser for it.

"It was incredible out there today, they exuded a pressure that I haven't often felt." the 18 year-old prodigy said. "They sure knew how to make use of the ball. I don't think they ran that much, but they were so hard to catch."

With this, Grilled exit The Global Trophy without complaints, while Kickers go on to face Corinthians Cearense of Switzerland in a Round of Sixteen fixture that Kickers are heavily favoured to win.

Grilled International may sympathize, as they prepare for their own day of reckoning against Benin Division Three side Zui-zui in the #RFBR tourney, ahead of a very busy week. Already eliminated after whitewashes against Potatoe Jack Cambodia and PEC Wollie, all the team really wants is a goal now.

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