16 November 2023
Reverse Robbery

Grilled Birds experienced a lottery windfall today, as local H.I. VII.3552 participants Rob the Newbies swooped for three of their promising youngsters for S$15 million in total. The newbies are newbies affiliate had been on a buying spree with head coach Lim Da Ying cashing in on star Cape Verde goalkeeper André Ricardo Cordeiro Ferreira, but Tian Yonghang remained rather flabbergasted at the generosity on show.

"It's not as if I'm going to say no, but this was kind of beyond the pale." the Birds head coach managed.

The three prospects were only too pleased to have a hefty price tag placed on them, with Ismail Khairul Musa Haris, 17, and Tay Kum Feng, 18, being quite similar modern-style midfield wide players with a penchant for coming inside. Tay has moreover won sporadic praise for his technical moves, but his age has hindered serious offers - until today. As for the seventeen year-old Toh Wee Chin, the tall fullback has been known for a mean left foot from free-kicks, and is a good organizer besides.

Tay had actually also been proffered a free transfer by Geylang IV.9 outfit Byron, but this was obviously not going through once Rob the Newbies stepped in. "One day, maybe I'll be the one winning 4D, and not the club!" Tay joked.

Grilled International did let one of their own go on a free, as 17 year-old defender Saliman Jafar left for Polish Division Seven club FC Klapki Kustronia. Janusz Pellowski has been slowly building his squad over the past month, and he has surely gotten a bargain in Jafar, who will be sorely missed at Burung.

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