Grilled Birds 5 - 1 Ah Beng FC
Cup, Consolation (Round 3), Season 8615 November 2023 05:15 HTT
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A Club Can Dream

Chan Ze Han was honest enough to admit that he did not expect a four-goal margin on the day. "Ah Beng FC are in Division Two for a reason, but somehow we just have it in for them." the experienced forward commented. "The streak has to come to an end someday, but it wasn't today!"

Chan was realistic about Grilled's prospects in the Sapphire Challenger Cup, despite some upsets such as Vulturii Singapore dumping Singapore Big Dog, and Phantasm Hotspurs edging Random Curiosity FC. "There are too many top clubs left to think seriously about it, we should be taking it one game at a time. Padstow Pirates were impressive against Crypto Moon, and their Jamaican former youth fullback Selwyn Dowe should be recovered by next Wednesday too."

Farmer Bunnies advanced in the Consolation Cup too, as they shut out III.8 hopefuls The Singapore Dream, by three goals to nil. Ho Ah Kian put two past Noel Navarro Pérez as Turkish gaffer Emin Çelebi put out a weak side, with Vitaliy Efendiev sending one in from some twenty metres, in between. Ting Kong Boon was the one who tried the hardest on the other side, but all he got for his toil was a yellow card in the 60th minute, for a bad attempt at simulation.

This sees the Buns face Amicitia Maritimo United in the last sixteen, and unlike Chan, Mauro Fau dared to think of what could be. "As long as we don't let them score, which I think we are capable of against any club left in the competition, we are always in with a shout."

Grilled International returned to the friendly circuit by inviting Swiss VI.254 side Baumert United over to Burung Memorial Stadium, where the seasonal rain depressed attendance. The some 2500 who turned up moreover had to sit through a half of terrible finishing, before Arcadi Sansalvador and Tamit bin Said finally got the job done, and quite messily at that.

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