Grilled Birds 5 - 0 Shadow Chaser(R) SC
League, Season 8619 November 2023 04:30 HTT
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Mechs Hoofed

Phua Ming Xin hailed an incredible display by Brian Reddy in today's game, describing it as one of the greatest individual attacking performances that he had ever seen at the club. "There have been hat-tricks, definitely, but I don't think I have witnessed any of our guys own anything as thoroughly, as Brian owned that right wing today." the 21 year-old judged. "That we only got five, had to be letting him down."

While Aw Keng Chuan did not dispute that, he would have another take on the match, which involved new defensive buddy and captain, Ha Qicai. "I didn't know him at all until a couple of days ago, and now it feels like I've known him forever already - on the pitch, at least. He has an extremely deep knowledge of all the defensive basics, and in short, he can be depended on to be where you most need him."

The win sees the Birds stay third, and Sunrise Treasure FC rise to fourth despite their own 1-4 defeat at Controlar, by overhauling the Chasers on goal difference. Phantasm Hotspurs maintained their two-point lead at the top with a 6-0 steamrolling of Krattene, with runaway top scorer Bok Wee Jian opening and closing the scoring. At the other end, tpyers would pull within a point of Mayuyu AKB48, with a 2-1 upset helped by Joonas Ahola's second-half dismissal.

The Buns' excellent season continued with another big shutout win, this time against a strong WhiteSandsMechs starting the day in third. Early strikes by Arun Ponnusamy and Toh Eng Guang would put the Mechs in a difficult position, however, and Ong Li Jing closed the deal after Teemu Siltaoja sustained a serious calf tear in the first half. FC Phondle stayed in touch with an expected 2-0 win over FC Jurong Rovers, with Mangrove Pittas rising into the top three by thrashing AFC Woodlands 7-1. Brighton UK completed the home sweep, as Abdul Halim Fikri found the only goal in a match tilted towards the visiting Really McCoys.

There would be a new skipper born for Farmer Bunnies too, with Toh Eng Guang going from a nonentity in the club rolls, to captaining the national U-20 team seemingly out of nowhere. Toh's fourth youth cap would see him anchor the Young Lions against Iraq with chest puffed, and he would see Kong Pin Tian keep a clean sheet, as Twenty2 FC Memorial Team's Dylon Chi won it in the 28th minute. Ching Lee Chee's exit after 66 minutes would then have him directed to hand the armband to Toh, a honour that the Bunnies man did not seem to have expected.

Grilled International went through the motions in a 6-0 taming of Austria's Ponyhof, with Egidius van der Duin carrying his goal habit over from the earlier Division Battle draw against Faroese V.234 side GCZ Wald, that ended 2-2. V.56 would have Amelinho Kickers defeat Togola FC 2-0, but AC Rabissale fall 1-2 to FC Psycho Suarez, to share the points. Both clubs would of course have no trouble at all in the league, as the Kickers cleared Elefanten der Wüste 7-0, and AC Rabissale got six past SFK Ajaks. Nice AS went level with Baboon Show St. Pauli on six points, after beating the Baboons 2-1.

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