Grilled Birds 3 - 0 SAORSA
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 8014 January 2022 19:05 HTT
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Ridden Roughshod

There would be little doubt about the final result after Gilbert Webb made it 2-0, though the defender admitted that he had been fairly concerned about SAORSA's forwards before the game. "Davies and Văsăliuţ are tricky customers, from what I had heard." he mentioned. "They just didn't show up today."

This second round of the World Battle tournament saw the Singaporean II.4 prevail over their Northern Irish counterparts, thanks to Club Dinosauria also wiping FC CAMCO, and by five goals to boot. Moeinsingapore would have a hard time again with their reserves, and were smashed 0-8 by The Gonorreidos.

Grilled International fans had their warning senses triggered, after their club fell 2-4 to Spain's Rohan playing away. It was perhaps less the result than the manner of defeat, however, as International seemed mostly clueless on how to approach the opposing 4-5-1, despite Safari bin Hj Jali and Ragib Banović ultimately scoring. Worse, second-half substitute Helmy Syamsuzaman would pick up a serious thigh concern.

That makes it a second loss already for International after their brief recovery against Dihania, and the mood amongst the supporters has become to blame the management for not shoring up the defence. This must be a welcome respite for Didi Reidenbach, at least.

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