10 August 2020
Chow In The Hall

Grilled Birds' Hall of Fame provisionally inducted its fourteenth member today, as former striker Chow Ying Lee was unanimously elected to it, upon eligibility. The 50 year-old Chow, a contemporary of Mohd Safri bin Mohd Kassim and Tian Yonghang, had spent the last eleven seasons or so in a largely-advisory role with Brazil's Curíntia, although he had not formally retired; before that, there were a few years in France with Limoges-FC, and a short stay at Tampines Phoenix F.C., after his sixteen-season career with Grilled Birds.

His achievements in that period were all but impeccable, it went without saying - nearly 300 appearances and 200 goals, three national-level cups, two Division Two Golden Boots and both the POTY and YPOTY awards. Chow remains in the all-time top five for all the club's major scoring records, with his other statistics very much in line with other recognized club legends.

The official ceremony has been scheduled, as usual, for the Grilled clubs' end-of-season dinner, but it is yet to be confirmed if Chow will be able to attend in person. As it happens, he has entirely acclimatized to life in Brazil, and is in fact now a regular on the local television commentary circuit, having gathered quite the social media following besides.

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