Gambela Grottis 2 - 6 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7512 August 2020 18:50 HTT
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Sofian To Sit

It will be a stress-free weekend for once for Grilled Birds, thanks to a walkover over Puh erh scheduled next. "That will give Massoud Dob more time to recover. He's a little behind schedule, but not too much." Eren Serpin revealed. "The rest of the team will keep busy, of course, the final three league games will be foremost in our thoughts."

Serpin would also praise Yuta Nakakita for his output today. "I felt bad withdrawing him at half-time, believe me, but it was the right thing to do. We need our best options healthy, and Yuta remains essential for us as insurance in defence."

This was a lesson that Farmer Bunnies might have heeded, as they lost Sofian Azfar for perhaps a month, in their own 5-0 win in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, against 11 señoritas. The III.10 leaders were willing but raw, and held out until Jon Benson's corner conversion in the 51st minute. The hosts' convictions took a huge hit at that, and goalkeeper-cum-head coach Göksel Çalıkbey was left badly exposed, with Aitykul Zaripbekov arrowing in his first-ever strike for the Buns in the 72nd.

Grilled International went 5-1 against two-time Comoros Ruby Challenger Cup winners Real Sócc'mel, who did take the initial lead through earnest running by Dutch teenager Ealf Boek. Not to be outdone, Chua Jun Long answered twice by the sixteenth minute, and Abdou M'Changama's departure due to a concussion would presage a rout by International, led by Safari bin Hj Jali.

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