04 August 2020
Soh Long So Forth

Recent Chicken Wings promotee Soh Guang Chun departed for a nominal fee to Andorran IV.59 side Atlético de Andorra today, joining Italian youngster Martino Tota as Valeriy Fedorenko's newest recruits. Once cut from trials at -= Manchester United =-, Soh would flourish as a forward with the Wings, which led to preliminary offers from local fourth divisioners Durian Lovers United, as well as Dutch Division Six club FC Rasputin.

His Wings scout Mok Feng De was pleased with the progress that Soh had made during his time at the academy, but warned that he was far from a lock-in for a permanent career. "Guang Chun can bang them in, but the other aspects of his game could do with some improvement, and he knows that. He does have time on his side, though."

Over at Grilled International, the Brunei spinoffs are looking a a windfall of some half a million bucks, with former Busy Bees trainee goalkeeper Emran bin Saiful Azmi already having agreed a S$24 million pre-contract with Danish Division Five club Deadly Frills. While Emran left on a free to Cool Ones - also of the Danish fifth division - without much fanfare, his rise since then has been nothing less than meteoric, which has won him four U-20 caps for his country.

Emran's old mentor Adinath Pant admitted that this was completely beyond his expectations. "It's a good reminder how hard work and a bit of luck can transfer one into a huge star - I thought he had potential, but never guessed how much! The happiest guys are probably our finance department, though, I hear they've scheduled a party for tonight."

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