23 June 2019
Martin, Emran Off

A couple of trainee defenders left for greener pastures today, firstly Farmer Bunnies' 18 year-old centreback Martin Jordan, whose tenacity would be rewarded by a contract with Chiang Mai club Thai Academy. The H.I. sixth divisioners were on a recruitment spree, having also signed Italian all-rounder Evandro Ciccioli and Bolivian defender Samuel Job Costa, among others. They forked out S$52000 for Jordan, who has six friendlies with the Buns under his belt. The Really Awesome Players (Dutch Division Six) had reached out too, but Jordan felt Thailand more to his taste for now.

"I'm kind of used to the weather in these parts, you know." the driven Number 42 said. "Many, many thanks to Bunnies for the apprenticeship with the seniors. It was a honour to train with all the national stars, even if only for a short while."

Grilled International's Emran bin Saiful Azmi didn't have to wait, as he was taken on by Danish VI.1004 champions Cool Ones on a free, straight after graduation from the Busy Bees academy. Emran was remembered by the youth coaches as an eager, above-average man-marker, who moreover had a nice right foot about him.

"Emran's a good friend, and almost as good a defender." Bees teammate Mohd Wardun bin Emran remarked. "We've been together for a number of years now, Emran and the rest, but this was for the best. We will all miss him, of course."

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