11 June 2019
Million Man Li

17 year-old Busy Bees graduate Li Xin Chi fetched a cool million bucks for Grilled International, as he pulled on the yellow Number Four jersey of Bulgarian Division Five outfit FC Dantes. This marks a new milestone for the Busy Bees academy, who had yet to reach seven figures before this.

And it was not that Li didn't deserve it, either. Long known as a classy and tidy midfield operator amongst the local fans, he blended a good bag of individual tricks, with an uncommon reliability, so much so that International gaffer Roar Olaisen had a persistent headache on whether to keep him.

"It pains me to let such a talent slip through our fingers." Olaisen said. "But we simply don't have room in the squad right now, especially after taking Tibor Atzenhain in. Rest assured that we'll be keeping an eye on Li's progress - odds are fair that he will represent Brunei someday."

FC Dantes were definitely not stingy with funds, having just splashed an incredible S$8 million on Cape Verde teenager Edu Rabaça, who has been described as a generational prodigy by renowned scouts. It was no wonder, then, that Li preferred them over Romanian Division Five club $FC VASLUI$4coss. "I sense a great project going here." Li affirmed. "Bunch of young, hungry guys with much to prove - just the way I like it."

A host of other clubs such as RisuSamurais and Balatonlelle SE (both Hungarian Division Six), New Chris Utd (Italian Division Four), Mucki United (German Division Five), Team Galactik (French Division Six), F.C.Merda Team and real national (both Spanish Division Six), Kiev Wonderers f.c. (Ukrainian Division Four), veguilla (Spanish Division Seven) and duhoví jednorožci (Czech Division Six) expressed interest, but none quite on the level of FC Dantes or $FC VASLUI$4coss.

Overall, Bees alumni have gotten into the news quite a bit recently, with Hassan bin Hj Muhd Nurhikman reportedly back on the market, after two excellent games with blackrose, which included a brace on his league debut.

As for the Rancher Rabbits, they may have another star of Li's class in the making, as 16 year-old forward Wang Heng Chin romped to a hat-trick against Barcia Akadémia. "He's just enjoying himself." Rabbits scout Tong Han Kong said proudly. "We're already beginning to get inquiries."

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