01 March 2019
Catxorros Culled

Grilled International did what they had to against Spanish semi-pro qualifier opponents Catxorros de Burundi, and couldn't resist sounding a warning with an 8-0 slaughter. Fausto Perono got back into business with two first-half goals, a return later matched by Osertz Indurain.

This fixture unavoidably picked up some bad vibes after combative midfielder Alfredo Cima cut Wang Hanxuan down after three minutes, but it was Juan Miguel Soto's blatant attempt to win a penalty off Zaini bin Hj Kaling that really got the blood boiling. Zaini never quite forgave that, and he absolutely flattened Soto at the next opportunity. Somehow, the young Italian referee Riccardo Capeccia allowed Zaini to stay on after that assault, a mistake that he rectified once he found an excuse.

It didn't matter in footballing terms, as Micky bin Kadir recognized as he tried to insert some levity with a whirling strike as a last-minute sub - that wasn't too far off, actually.

Roar Olaisen evidently didn't feel that it was the right time for recriminations, and chose to accept the victory at face value. "Bottom line, we stay up. Good job, guys."

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