12 August 2018
Bees Buzz Off

Grilled International trainee pair Hj Syamsuri bin Hj Omar and Tan Kuan Woon found takers today, as they moved on free transfers to Hungary's MKB Veszprém and America's Honolulu 79ers respectively. Both clubs are in their respective sixth division.

Hj Syamsuri, a beefy winger, will have his work cut out for him given how widely MKB Veszprém in-charge Steffen Schwenter has cast his net, but he was relieved to just get his career started. "It was a godsend." the 18 year-old admitted. "I was about to call off the search."

As for wide attacker Tan, there should be places up for grabs at the newly-formed 79ers. While he has never quite lit the pitch up in his time with the Bees, his scout Zulfadly bin Hj Ratano felt that Tan had the personality and character for the game.

"Kuan Woon's a fine team player, and if he's a bit behind on individual skills right now, he does have a high ceiling." Zulfadly said. "It's up to his new team to help him achieve it."

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