Grilled Birds 2 - 3 Mia San Toa Payoh
League, Season 6912 August 2018 04:30 HTT
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Bunnies Bark

Moey Xin Seng might have embraced and swapped shirts with Tan Tong Leong after the game, but it was evident that he remained simmering inside. "The game was ours for the taking. I won't be pointing fingers, it's a team effort, but I do hope that we won't have to deal with such mistakes again."

Yuta Nakakita was open about it not being one of his better days. "Quality of Mia San's strikers aside, I lost my concentration when it mattered most. Well, nothing can be done about that now, so I would want to just get on with it."

littlehorse joined Mia San in climbing ahead of Grilled with four points, with -= Manchester United =- held to another one-all draw. Kim Tae Hee FC dominated richlyeng rangers 2-0 to go top, but the story of the day must belong to Talpons' Swedish marksman Aron Zetterander, who single-handedly demolished Robbie Football Club with four goals from open play - surely not a good sign for the Birds' tottering backline.

As for the Farmer Bunnies, they now sit pretty atop II.3, something that even their staunchest supporters would surely not dared dream of just a season back. They survived a battering from FC Barca Singapore for much of the first half, though Sofian Azfar came close to scoring against the run of play too. Tham Leng Teck would be sent off for his second yellow in the 76th, but that ironically opened the game just enough for Sim Leng Cheng to burst through for the winner.

Sikong Darong refused to be drawn into the hype, with the other fixtures ending such that six teams were level on three points apiece. "Two games in, and the media are talking about the title? Seriously, people. Have a sense of proportion."

Grilled International went two for two too, as they won 4-1 away at Gute Freunde. Wang Chu Chi and Wang Hanxuan had them two up by the 16th minute, leading to Adam Killick being substituted off for Hesky Atmanegara soon afterwards. Fausto Perono converted a 72nd minute free-kick after many abortive attempts, with Wang having the last word. Juan Quesada found Gute Freunde's consolation in the 54th.

Black Trapper remain top with a comfortable goal difference advantage, after beating Schorschl by the same scoreline, but International head coach Tajit bin Mohd was unconcerned. "We just need to keep our heads down, and keep winning. No need to get concerned by what the table says."

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    Bunnies Bark
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