30 June 2017
Pećanić Off

Bosnian forward trainee Ahmed Pećanić left for German Division Seven side 1. FC Knochenbrecher 1976 on a S$300000 deal this morning, having made four official appearances for the Birds. It was perhaps not what was expected of him, after he had been entrusted with Quah Han Kok's fabled Number 31 jersey, but the truth was that the split had been some time in coming.

Though player and club made terse boilerplate statements of appreciation, there had long been rumblings that Pećanić had not managed to fit in with his peers, same as what happened in Turkey with Elazığspor. That aside, his application to the game - when up to it - has left little to be desired, and it remains to be seen if Erhard Reimnitz can motivate the best out of his new signing.

About the same time, the Buns' Kok Rong Kian was granted a free transfer to Danish Division Six club Lille Stift i buksen, after a few weeks of active reaching out. Rancher Rabbits scout Ooi Long Ming described Kok as a clever player very much in the mould of Chan Ze Han.

"And trust me, I'm not riding on the hype train." Ooi added. "Kok is the thinking sort of attacker, who needs a few extra years to grow. Lille won't see him exploding past three guys or anything like that, but if they wait for him to mature, they won't be disappointed."

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