27 June 2017
Bye To Three

Several outbound transfers were concluded today, with the most prominent being 19 year-old Frenchman Christopher Mauget's million-dollar move back home, to fifth division Ouch Ouch Ouch Galactik. Galactik's Turkish head coach Deniz Nermi has come under heavy fan pressure after his selling spree led into a disastrous run for the club, and his acquisition of Mauget looks to be an attempt to arrest their fall.

Mauget stressed that he would have been happy to stay, after earning six official appearances with the Birds, but added that Galactik's offer was too tempting to just pass up. "I enjoyed my year or so in Singapore, but I'm really just a northern-France lad." he said through an interpreter. "It would be nice to keep in touch."

Following him out from Grilled Birds is youth academy striker Jeron Fung, who left on a free transfer to Hong Kong Division Four side KiLun. Twelve goals from 21 games represented a decent return for Fung, and while he was overshadowed by Chan Ze Han during his tenure with the Chicken Wings, who wasn't?

"Jeron may not catch the eye immediately, but he has worked almost all the obvious holes out of his game." Wings scout Mok Feng De recommended. "He has that inborn sense of where the goal is, and all he really needs now is better decision-making on when to pass instead."

Lastly, Grilled International's American winger Felipe Martínez would exit to Greek Division Five outfit Call of JM FC, for a shade over S$320000, with Spanish Division Seven club Cholismo S.A.D also showing strong interest.

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