19 June 2017
Tiger Kamil

Grilled International made their first outbound transfer today, as they sold Busy Bees product Kamil bin Hj Cucu to Australian Division Five leaders St Leonards Tigers, for S$468000. The 17 year-old central defender had long been recognized as one of the district's - and indeed, country's - premier prospects, and it was only a question of what price he would fetch.

Nearly unbeatable in the air at youth level, Kamil had long been linked with local side FC Porto 99. A host of overseas contacts would soon pour in as he neared graduation, with Atletico Totito (Bolivian Division Three), ALL BLACKS. (Romanian Division Six), _Athletic_Club_ (Spain Division Seven), Quick Step FC (Portugal Division Six), LOWZ (Polish Division Five), L E G I A Warszawa (Polish Division Seven), SMZ-SABO (Azerbaijan Division Four) and F.C.Napoli Calcio (Romanian Division Six) submitting confirmed offers.

It would however be Warsaw club Syndykat Zbrodni who came closest to landing Kamil with their comprehensive package, before St Leonards Tigers topped their bid with the lure of a partnership with Steigvilas Degis.

Kamil, who had gone to the Bees after being cut from trials with the Brunei Cubs, seemed overwhelmed by all the attention. "I'm just a kampung boy at heart." he confessed. "All this is over my head."

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