12 December 2015
Moey New Man

Observers declared Grilled Birds' renewal project officially beginning as of today, with head coach Djan Bacelar processing the long-awaited promotion of generational youth star Moey Xin Seng into the senior squad. Having encountered few equals at youth level, Moey might not have generated the hype that previous Wings breakouts had, but tellingly the coaches were if anything more impressed by the lad.

"It's hard to stand out as a winger and wingback in our system." one trainer explained. "There was no realistic way Moey could replicate the goal-a-game feats that so built up Mohd Safri and Fang Tong Rong in past eras, but I daresay he's not beneath either in potential, adjusting for his position."

Retired Grilled veteran Abdul bin Jantan had been a regular influence on Moey even before his appointment to the coaching staff, and figured him to be the nucleus of the Birds' next major team. "He's an uncompromising competitor, and to top it all, maybe the most natural leader I've encountered at this level. I don't want it to get to his head, but he has the whole package, and it's up to him if he wants to use it."

Moey has for one paid tribute to bin Jantan by claiming his just-vacated Number Seven jersey as his own, and has unreservedly pledged his future to the Birds by signing a five-year contract, with option for extension. Talk is that his agents have negotiated gametime guarantees, which would be entirely in keeping with what is known of the lad.

"He's another thing altogether." longtime Wings buddy Pang Seng Liang said. "Moey was just so... serious when he arrived. Some of us just laughed at him at first, and then it became simply inspiring. What just gets you is his attitude, no matter at training or in a match. He just wants to win. That's all there is to it."

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