30 October 2015
Chow A Firebird

Tampines Phoenix F.C. signed Chow Ying Lee in a S$3 million deal today, as the former national U-20 forward closed a fruitful sixteen seasons with the Birds, in which he made 289 appearances and scored 193 goals.

The switch will see Chow face longtime rivals -= Manchester United =- back in II.2 with the Phoenixes, though he is likely to share duties with international partner Wu Soon Lai, player-coach Azmil bin Azizan and former Jurong FC player Errol Ashman. A few pundits have questioned if Chow, who is nearing his 35th birthday, was worth the investment, something that the man himself is only too eager to answer.

"I feel as fresh as I've ever been." Chow declared. "There are at least three good seasons left in me."

Two youngsters also found new clubs today, first of which was Birds winger Tan Kang Seng, recruited by Peruvian Division Five side Xinxa Furbo Clu. Farmer Bunnies' Yeo Yong Boon, who is yet to find his ideal position, was nevertheless picked up by Alabama-based cobraraising, who are newly promoted from the American sixth division. Both are eighteen and on free transfers.

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