20 January 2013
Kryus Answers Cry

Although Stanca had promised that Grilled would not rush headlong to fill their goalkeeping vacancy, common sense won out in the end as they installed a new Number One in twenty-two year old Pole Edmund Kryus. Kryus had kept goal with Polish Division Eight club Anioły Wilkowice since its formation, and was a big factor in their gaining straight promotions.

However, the second division of Singapore is a completely different kettle of fish, and not a few Grilled supporters have flooded the club messageboard with posts questioning the purchase.

"I don't want to discourage the new guy, but it's hard to imagine that he has what it takes." user loythengchi wrote. "So he did well with his old club... and what? It's a big letdown after we have gotten used to internationals such as Abed-Sulaiman, Dias Paes and Stacey."

A minority were more forgiving. "Be realistic, what quality can you get for two-plus million nowadays? The way we're playing, stick all three of those greats in goal together, and we'll still leak a couple anyway. Might as well encourage Mohd Safri and company to do their thing."

Niculae Stanca defended his decision, stating that Kryus was a good fit for the club's current needs. "I am aware that Grilled fans have gotten used to goalkeeping pedigree, but Edmund has the basics down, and his footwork is up there with the best of them. We'll bed him in against Be Champions FC tomorrow, and I expect good things."

"And we didn't just grab the first suitable keeper that came along either; Kryus emerged out of a field that included Alejandro Valdivia, Boris Dushechkin and Álvaro Srain, all of whom were formidable options. He has earned the jersey."

Rashid bin Ahmad was, for one, relieved at the arrival. "There were plans to cross-train me as a third goalkeeper, just in case. Although I've played there before when I was like twelve, it's still best to leave the position in the hands of a specialist."

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