The Sing Tigers 4 - 2 Grilled Birds
Cup, Sapphire (Round 3), Season 6604 October 2017 05:15 HTT
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Grubenmann Crocked

Grilled's cup ambitions went down with all hands today, as Farmer Bunnies were likewise sent crashing out of the Singapore Consolation Cup by Coco FC, despite a first-class midfield debut by Jon Benson.

Kwek Yun Jie fired the Buns into the lead, as they continued re-finding their feet with a five-man defensive configuration, which manifested in a lack of counterattacking nous. This they would pay dearly for, as Coco fought their way back in with a poached goal by Joel Yamamoto, before the real turning point came in the 82nd, when Nick Marvin Ziegelwanger flattened Vivian Grubenmann from behind.

This nearly turned into a free-for-all, as the Buns' players didn't appreciate the injury to their popular goalkeeper, and they would be disappointed as Ziegelwanger managed to stay on with merely a yellow card. Rashid Nasir al Din did his best, pulling off a couple of high-profile saves, while Benson slipped into the captain's role almost too naturally, but they would be cruelly sunk in the final minutes of extra time, as Patryk Rurek's free-kick slipped between the wall.

Head coach Sikong Darong was incensed at both Ziegelwanger and referee Sacha Koren. "I don't care what anybody says, we were completely robbed today! They took out our most important player for nothing, and that free-kick being awarded at the end was rubbish too. We're definitely lodging a complaint."

Worse, Grubenmann may be out for a fortnight after having his left ankle badly twisted under his own weight, though there was some consolation in that the first missed will be against bottomdwellers FC Mémes. "You really don't want to rush him back." club medic Ian Chuang said. "It's a wonder that he escaped as lightly as he had, considering the replays."

The Birds' Djan Bacelar had fewer excuses about his side's exit, as he acknowledged that Tigers were clearly the better team on the day. "We failed to sustain a coherent attack, and paid the price. Well, we have only the league left to worry about, now."

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