Grilled Birds 5 - 2 newbies are newbies
League, Season 6601 October 2017 04:30 HTT
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Not A Moment Too Soon

Victory boosted the Birds joint-top of III.15, after ArSenal U21 were held 4-4 by an enterprising Ropelearner FC team, who were in fact not that far from a famous away win. Grilled were joined by Robbie Football Club, who did the expected against the woeful Cats United.

Djan Bacelar didn't want to give a commitment on whether they would be competing equally on both fronts, but hinted that the club would much rather cup glory. "Fine result today, newbies are never an easy take, but the lads worked hard and got their reward. Moey was promising out-and-out on the right today, but I'm unsure if we really want to continue with that."

Elsewhere, -Blitz- worked their way into the top half of the table as they beat Really McCoys with a Gagan Kamat special in the 20th, though the national winger would suffer a fairly serious foot injury later on.

Over in III.11, Soon Soon's Ji-Soon Park was sold out, likely in large part due to the surprise debut of ex-Northern Irish youth international Jon Benson. There was another surprise in store, as Benson started as a sweeper, with the Buns reverting to their trusty 5-3-2.

The travelling fans had to be delighted, with this being what most of them had called for, but it was Edgar Xochotl who would put the hosts ahead in the 23rd minute, a blow compounded by Vishnu Tallapaka hobbling off with a bandaged knee, after he jarred it trying to cover the pacy Mexican.

Reno Kim was the unwitting beneficiary as he replaced Tallapaka, and after stabilizing the game, the Buns came to the fore in the second half, with Enzo Paolo Panzarino equalising just two minutes in. Sadly, Benson passed up a debut goal when he ballooned on a counter, but Aswad Mohd Jafni rescued the points with a fierce stab in a packed penalty area, with four minutes to go.

Grilled International wasn't able to keep the streak going, being tamed 2-0 by Benfica 1904. Despite enjoying the lion's share of possession, International were a shambles in front of goal, and paid dearly for it. Veteran forward Shailendra Chatterjee was an inspiration upon coming on in the eightieth minute, but there was not enough time for any concrete impact.

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