04 October 2017
Kok Game For Turkey

Days after academy mate Lim Jing Boon left for Hungary, Rancher Rabbits midfielder Kok Chuan Jing was also signed straight out of eligibility, with official offers pouring in once he turned seventeen. While the amounts dangled weren't much to write home about, the fact that they came from as far afield as Indonesia, Belgium and Cuba was more than enough for the youngster.

"My family urged me to consider Bekasi Selatan FC as it wasn't too far away, being in Jakarta, while Cubanico wey were only a promotion away from a nation's top league. And then there was caféhangers lima, who were in Division Six, but they were also extremely professional."

In the end, however, Kok would go with Turkish sixth division outfit GeceYürüyenler S.K., accepting their S$46000 bid. In this, he was supported by his scout and mentor Tong Han Kong, who saw space for Kok to develop under Kutlan Baray.

"Gece are a fairly new club, so it's all up for grabs." Tong observed. "Kok has all the basics down, what he needs is actual match experience now. They shouldn't be under too much pressure to produce results off the bat, and Baray even has some tournament games lined up, so I can hardly think of a better place for Kok to end up."

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