La Academia11 10 - 0 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 6404 May 2017 00:50 HTT
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Head coach Djan Bacelar, who had taken charge for the penultimate friendly of the season, urged the squad to absorb some of their opponents' spirit. "It was bruising, but La Academia11 showed what killer instinct was like. We probably didn't have enough of that this season, especially against the weaker sides."

Krystian Rykowski will pay a high price for taking part in the tutorial, though, with club doctors estimating that the 33 year-old would take up to a month to recover from his thigh ligament injury. "It's a bad one, the impact went deep." Ian Chuang said. "He'll be on ice for a while."

In earlier games, Farmer Bunnies continued proving themselves, as they edged second-tier Saudi club The rooster 1-2 in Najran. The hosts seized control early, with Pedro Taibo opening some minutes after after Swiss playmaker Filippo Bolt's delightful flick came off the crossbar, but Wong Ting Yew was a terror on breakaways, banging in both his goals after winding dribbles.

"Really, we're not sure why the national squad hasn't taken more interest." Bunnies head coach Sikong Darong noted. "Wong certainly deserves more caps, along with a number of our other guys, who seem to have been overlooked."

As for Grilled International, it was lesson mode for them, with ten-time Moldovan third division titlewinners Gloria Sporting Club dismantling them 7-0. Similar to the Birds, it cost them their goalkeeper, as Saswata Shah had to come off with a twisted ankle in the 38th minute. Brazilian trainee Daniele Guarise was more badly hurt, though, and will likely have to sit out the next few games, after aggravating an early concussion.

The feature of the day was undoubtedly Gloria's teenaged debutant Nicolae Timofeev, who sensationally notched a complete hat-trick, utilizing both feet and his head. International's skipper for the day Osertz Indurain could only applaud the achievement.

"Just got to keep rolling on."

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