02 May 2017
Perfect Support

Grilled Birds outdid expectations to make it four wins out of four on the first day of the Supporter Week Trophy, a feat that had eluded arguably better Birds squads in the past. Farmer Bunnies and Grilled International meanwhile fared reasonably well too, but could not escape blemishes on their record.

The Birds' run started with Belgian Fifth Division side FC Castles, who showed up in stylish maroon togs. Janos Cuppens equalised immediately after Florus Romijn cut in to score in the seventh minute, but Romijn outpaced Jelmen Heyninck for a second, and the floodgates opened for 6-1 at the finish.

Fiji-based Split Oceania FC were next, and they had to contend with a Gene Filippone brace from open play, en route to a 1-4 loss. Two Italian representatives - FuarceUdin of the sixth division, and S.D.P.D. of the fifth - would round out Grilled's day, and despite their best efforts, they would go down 3-5 and 1-6 respectively.

Chu Xin Lee, who achieved the remarkable exploit of scoring in each match, felt that FuarceUdin made it the hardest for them. "Their goalkeeper Jordan Ariano was crazily good, despite it not even his real position, I hear. They were onto us all the time, and there was a very real fear on each counter."

Islom Davlatov would predictably prefer to mention his four-bagger against S.D.P.D., though they did have to operate under the handicap of only being able to play with ten men. "There's nothing like winning against strong opposition, and make no mistake, we rode our luck today."

Bunnies kicked off with a 4-0 against Swiss H.I. club Fc kuh muh, before recovering from Marc Coiffier's opener to prevail 2-1 versus French Division Five club The Sunday Players. Bruno Padulazzi's late dismissal for a second yellow didn't keep Bulgaria's Spirtak(ot varna) from holding onto Emidio Di Majo's tenth minute goal off a smartly-designed set piece, however, and they would allow Swiss Division Five side Methylphenidat-Bombers back into a 2-2 draw.

Sikong Darong felt the loss to Spirtak most acutely, given that they had more or less outdone the Buns at their own game. "They hardly had a real chance, other than the one they scored from." he moaned. "What they had was patience in spades, and it worked."

Grilled International rode the euphoria from their upset of the Bunnies to beat Tunisian Division Four club Felydan by the lone Micky bin Kadir goal, but it was normal service resumed after that, as wipeouts against Ozmosis BK (Swedish Division Five), FC Boardwalk (German Division Six) and FC Alienware (Latvian Division Five) followed.

Dutch trainee Tommy Dongelmans revealed a previously-hidden edge to his game, with two yellows for vicious tackles in the last two of those, but head coach Tajit bin Mohd was of the opinion that the rest of the team could do well to learn from him.

"We've been losing more than a few due to passivity, I'm not going to berate any of the guys for showing some passion."

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