03 May 2017
Fived Thrice

If the Birds' first day in the Supporter Week Tournament was flawless, the second day was an accounting of their weaknesses, as they conceded five goals in each of their fixtures.

Italian Division Four club Dinamo Genica began the punishment, and resembled a mirror image of Grilled as they went forward with abandon, running up a 3-0 lead by the 33rd minute. Islom Davlatov and Moey Xin Seng ensured the green-and-red striped Genica didn't run away with it, but Luxembourg forward Ed Reis picked up the win with fine left-footed pots.

Spain's Lucentum!!!!! and Denmark's Røde Stjerne All-Stars, both in the third division, then recorded identical 5-1 victories - Lucentum!!!!! simply with excellent general play, and Stjerne by adapting to a counterattacking outlook. Cyprus veteran Nikos Themistokli bagged a hat-trick for Lucentum!!!!!, which should do his prospects no harm on the transfer market.

Yuta Nakakita, who got the consolation against Stjerne, thought the losses a harsh but needed lesson. "We might have been a little too full of ourselves going into today."

It was Farmer Bunnies' turn to be unbeaten, and began with a 1-1- draw against Italian Division Six side Entcampioni, who held on for the final half-hour after Florindo Lollato - who had just missed a penalty - was sent off for violent conduct. A sweet 3-0 against Japanese Division Three Sapporo Viking, concluded by an Abderahim Bentellis special, was next, before a grinding nil-all against Fada Mannschaft of the Austrian fourth division.

Grilled International would at least pick up a second tournament win, as Abdul Hamid bin Hj Ali Timbang fired in two free-kicks to beat Spanish Division Seven opponents Sin-T FC. It was however sandwiched between a 1-4 loss to Hungarian Division Six Dívány, in which Abdul Hamid also struck, and a 1-6 against Scottish H.I. side J. C. United, affiliate of English Premier team The Red Flag flies at dawn....

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