FC Kino 6 - 0 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 3029 November 2006 17:45 HTT
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FC Kino
Grilled Birds
Sean MacFadzean (11)
Fredrik Arvedsson (19)
Alessandro Priolo (22)
Josef Hillebrand (64)
Sean MacFadzean (80)
Sean MacFadzean (81)

Kino Unkind
Sean King

Moldavian side FC Kino crushed Grilled 6-0 in their final match of the season, with Scots striker Sean MacFadzean in hot form for the home team. Sid would bolster Grilled's reserve team, but none of them could get a handle on MacFadzean, who opened the scoring with a stellar chip that Bao-Tam couldn't reach.
Nor Suhaimi bin Che Lah gave his best, but was always a step slower than his opponents, and he deserved his yellow card in the 16th minute for bringing Priolo down. Bao-Tam was then completely caught out by Arvedsson's free kick, which took a deflection off his wall and into the unguarded side of the goal.

Kino defender Laurentiu Jianu had a bad day as he got himself booked due to his fall from getting blocked off by Borup, which some in the crowd were sympathetic to. He would later damage his own foot in going in late for the ball.

Before that, Pirolo had scored one and nearly created another, while Arvedsson did his best to gift Grilled a consolation, but his suicidal backpass was lifted narrowly over the bar by a slow Tim Hobson.

That was but a blip in Kino's dominance, and they quickly reasserted themselves through wingback Josef Hillebrand, who left Bukhari in his wake as he cut in sharply from the touchline. Wién immediately put the ball through, and Bao-Tam came nowhere close to stopping Hillebrand.

The final two goals came from MacFadzean's lethal finishing, as Arvedsson was himself inches away from a belted free-kick, before getting a yellow card for a series of irritating fouls.

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