Sentosa Athletic 0 - 10 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 1), Season 7113 March 2019 04:30 HTT
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Innocence Lost

Prompt medical attention prevented further damage to Neeraj Muthyala's right ankle, but the 29 year-old is still looking at a month on the sidelines. "It's a bad one." team doctor Ian Chuang said. "Nothing that should be rushed."

This is, of course, a heavy loss for the Birds, whom will badly miss Muthyala's steel when they travel to Joker 9 the coming Sunday. As for Muthyala himself, he made it clear from his hospital bed that he didn't blame Egan for the mishap. "Nobody wanted it to happen. That's football for you."

A hat-trick was also in the works for Farmer Bunnies, whose Mushtag Al-Nameeri officially debuted with a bang. The Yemeni former international might not have been overly eye-catching in the post-season, but against a neglected Batavia Cavaliers side, he was more than adequate even from midfield. Sarkis Krikoryan's transfer negotiations were on hold as he got two himself, while fourth-choice goalkeeper Gabriel Luke opened his pro account in the 37th minute.

Nurlan Ablaev's form remains a big concern for Dalibor Kostadinović as he was once more well off the pace, and the Buns gaffer hinted that he might not even make the squad against Ambush F.C.. "I won't be picking anyone on reputation - everyone will have to prove themselves."

Lastly, Grilled International's confidence would take another hit, as they were shut out 0-3 by RB Innocent Barbados '10 in their first match of the new season. The pink-clad hosts wrapped it all up by the 36th minute as International could do nothing against their flat five-man backline - not helped by Ragib Banović having to go off after just six minutes, following a bad groin pull.

Banović's condition would be confirmed to be okay after the game, but what Roar Olaisen saw nonetheless didn't bode well. "I think of myself as a nice fellow, but sometimes I also think, have I been too lax?"

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