newbies are newbies 5 - 4 Grilled Birds
League, Season 5103 March 2013 04:30 HTT
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Bad Things Come In Threes

Grilled have now lost in the SG Super Cup, Singapore Cup and league in their latest matches, and although they were never truly outmatched in any of the three games, Grilled head coach Niculae Stanca admitted that the pressure is beginning to mount.

"There wasn't much more we could have done." Stanca stood firm. "Yes, our defence hasn't exactly covered itself in glory, but it's how we play. As you have seen today, there's almost never a time when we do better trying to sit back, and when teams go out like this, sometimes four goals still isn't enough to win."

The Birds now enter a tricky doubleheader against CharlesCheesePie, and may be helped by the Pies still having the Cup on their minds. This didn't stop them from beating the ten-man Robbie Football Club 1-0 today, though Robbie's newly-assembled young defence did themselves proud, as they rebuild under new gaffer Sima Zheng-Yang.

This puts the Pies a single point behind Grilled, as JUtd climbed ahead with a 3-3 draw against SpartanSG, becoming the only unbeaten side left in II.2. The Spartans will be kicking themselves for letting another nearly-won game slip, as Rosemiro Barcellos struck in the 87th minute to preserve JUtd's streak.

Finally, TTTNW recorded their second league victory on the trot with a surprise 3-1 home win against Rapala FC. The visitors maintained 59% possession throughout, but would fall prey to Max Radenne's eye of the tiger. Though José Alberto Nilo would get a consolation with a terrific lob with three minutes remaining, it was long over by then.

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