17 May 2023
Lie By George

For once, all three Grilled clubs bid farewells to a trainee each on the same day, with the pick of the lot being the Farmer Bunnies' Chetan George. The 17 year-old midfielder just about had it all, with natural playmaking and passing instincts coupled to a very useful frame of over six feet. This got him a rare early offer from Belgian Division Six side Seffalika Revisited while still not officially turned professional, with Szabadhegy (Hungarian Division Four), Olympic Tabarnak (UAE Division Four) and Dragones de la suerte (Mexican Division Five) soon also making solid offers.

None of them could quite compare to the pedigree of Lithuanian II.4 former Ąžuolo taurė holders Lietava FK, however, with Czech gaffer Slavomír Říha snagging George alongside Polish starlet Maciej Krysztopik for some S$650,000 from T.K.S. Tychy. While currently in a bit of a rut following two straight promotions, they have made no secret of their ambition to eventually return to the A Lyga, and better their best record of a third-placed finish there.

Grilled Birds let resilient winger Azhagiri Mamidi, also seventeen, leave to Lithuania too, with his destination - IV.10 club Abugibugi - ironically having an even more glorious history. Having won both the A Lyga and the national cup, Abugibugi have however endured three successive demotions as Gilarranz Gener pursued his rebuilding process with little thought to sentimentality. It remains to be seen how Mamidi will be utilized, though.

As for Grilled International, 18 year-old striker Raimi bin Hj Leman was picked up by Maltese IV.41 newcomers James Blond004, who are currently collecting new blood in bulk. Raimi's unorthodox approach to the forward role has caused his youth coaches no end of consternation in trying to shoehorn him into a system, but few could doubt his knack of unlocking an obdurate defence - when he was of a mind to.

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