Grilled Birds 2 - 1 Nutwood County
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 8419 May 2023 20:00 HTT
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Saviour Instead

Ironically given the tournament's name, it would be Dimitris Germanakos to preserve the Birds' winning record, as he stopped a penalty that he had no right to. There was nothing wrong at all with Haraldsson's confident take to the bottom right corner, but Germanakos was there ahead of time. "And now we are qualified." Chan Ze Han acknowledged. "What a save that was!"

The bulk of the credit still had to go to Chan, it went without saying, as the unstoppable one teased a hat-trick that felt almost effortless. Head coach Tian Yonghang, a not-dissimilar talent in his prime, recognized genius when he saw it. "Their defence was strong, but they gave Chan a few minutes, and you know the rest." Tian commented. "He has that sense for goal down pat by now, you just can't let him sniff any weakness about you."

Nutwood's chances of qualification remain in their own hands, at least, and a win against Fortalese will do it for them, after Fortalese and Jasiu Hotspur played out a goalless draw today. Hotspur had the better of it marginally, but the best chances fell to Fortalese, especially with Jan Limberger's hair-raising breakaway right before half-time. Former English youth international Dwayne Gilmurray could have turned it all around for Hotspur with a magical volley in the 77th minute, but Nicholas Daquilanea was not about to be beaten then.

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