13 September 2021
Hong Guns It Out

Recent Busy Bees academy graduate Hong Tingyun exited to Belgian sixth division side SK Kemmel today on a free. The 17 year-old had been known for two outstanding qualities, in his time with the Bees: his blistering acceleration, and his ability to put the ball where it wanted it from set-pieces. The rest of his game left something to be desired, alas, which had Brunei Young take a pass on him.

Bees scout Zulfadly bin Hj Ratano, who eventually was persuaded to take a punt on the kid, acknowledged his shortcomings. "Hong has further built on his strengths, instead of shoring up his weaknesses." he noted. "I suppose it makes him somewhat unbalanced, but perhaps Kemmel can make a pro out of him."

Louis Dillis has not exactly been known for his patience with trainees in his twelve seasons heading SK Kemmel, it has to be said, and Hong understands that he is on a timer. "I will strive to impress."

As for that, Hong might take some inspiration from former Famer Bunnies youth player Tommy Chong, who at twenty has just undergone a hefty third move, from Czech Division Five club SK Kolem světa C to Portuguese IV.28 side Eremitas F.C., for S$8.2 million. The tall lad has moreover been officially tapped for the national U-20 squad, although there is not much time left to make an appearance, before his eligibility runs out.

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