01 December 2020
Mo Moving On

Farmer Bunnies forward trainee Mo Tian Rong was signed by Romanian VI.546 club XPLICIT for S$198000 today, ahead of stiff competition from Croatian Division Five side HalaMadrid C.F.. Several other parties were interested, including Acquosi F.C. and Fc Saveriopolis (both Italian Division Eight), CSD Corralito (Spanish Division Six) and Antrax FC. (Bolivian Division Four).

The 17 year-old had been profiled as the physical sort, who nonetheless remained fairly well-balanced with respect to his vision and passing ability. Turned down by Guru United's youth division initially, Mo's self-belief didn't waver, and he would be recruited by Tong Han Kong a couple of months later. "Mo is strong enough to force his way past most defenders his age, and clever enough to know when that's not the best choice." the Rancher Rabbits scout said. "That has made him a problematic match-up last season."

Mo's academy mates Jayant Chopra and Tan Lee Wee have however thrown in the towel, after weeks of fruitless approaches, with Ezekiel Chai clinging on to hopes of a temporary contract for the moment. It was similarly the end of the line for Busy Bees graduates Mohd Hendra bin Sarip and Zulkifli bin Kasra, both of whom decided to try their hands at new careers.

"There were some fun times in the academy, but it's time to get a job." Mohd Hendra mused. "There's always the Sunday kickabout."

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