05 January 2018
All Hail Ibrahim

Farmer Bunnies landed a coup today, as they signed 25 year-old former Saudi U-20 forward Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany for S$9.8 million.

Sikong Darong had made no secret that he was after a long-term partner - and perhaps eventually, replacement - for Enzo Paolo Panzarino, but this transfer still managed to happen without observers realising. Certainly, Ibrahim had shown few signs of being dissatisfied at Spanish fifth division club UD Talayo, having racked up five goals thus far this season, mostly partnering Vojtěch Adámek.

The striker had been unsettled underneath it all, however, and after catching wind that his agent had made discreet inquiries with Belgian side Sofor Aeternis, Talayo opened up the bidding. The Buns, whose own negotiations with Faroese striker Suni Svarthólm had just broken down according to Sikong, immediately perked their ears up.

"Ibrahim was very close to the dream player that our coaching staff would have wanted, had we been able to design him from scratch." Sikong said. "What we had often been wanting was sheer pace on the counter, and it was something that none of our other options really offered."

"With Ibrahim, however, we now have a potent threat that will force opponents to reconsider their depth. His past scoring record also speaks for himself, with a Golden Boot with Pinguinii Brasov in Romania already, but he also has some room to grow."

Ibrahim will move from the Number Nine jersey he wore with Talayo, to Kadyr's former Number Ten, and with Abderahim Bentellis and Daniel Nguyen understanding their reserve status, there would appear to be a harmony on the attacking front - and hopefully, many goals to come.

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