Grilled Birds 0 - 0 [1 - 3 p.k] fate_spy
Cup (Round 5), Season 1930 April 2003 04:30 HTT
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Grilled Birdsfate_spy

Fated End
Shootout Slaying

Grilled's Cup adventure came to its conclusion at the hands of fellow Western Division Three club fate_spy, as the two muddled to a standstill in a match that both loathed to lose.
This cautiousness translated to stunted attacks and packed defences, with the visitors withdrawing after Chen caused panic in their penalty area with a probing lob. Several Grilled players had a swing at it before fate_spy goalie Loh En-Yi threw himself on the bobbling ball.

Even the normally placid Ma Dai-Lin got hyped up, and he received the first yellow card of his career when he stuck a hand out and pulled Stjärning to the ground. Stjärning wasn't amused, and followed through on Nor Suhaimi after the Grilled defender made the mistake of sticking to closely to him. That was a lenient yellow for the Swede, and the end of the game for Suhaimi.

Exactly nothing happened for the rest of regulation time other than Chen's half-chance from a glancing header after 56 minutes, but even then he was thrown off by no less than three fate_spy defenders surrounding him, with no support in sight.

Asher Stanton had an off-day as he got carded for a questionable tackle and later nearly doomed the Birds with a suicidal back pass in extra time, which Lan Tuan-Mu thankfully anticipated. There was even less football played from then on, with the only event of note being Weng Seng-Huat's clumsy challenge on Zeng Wei-Tzu that put the spent fate_spy forward out.

It came down to penalties, which surprised neither side, nor the few spectators that were left. Sadly for Grilled, their strikers Reed and Chen both sent their kicks wide, and Huel-sheng dived the wrong way on King-Sing's poorly taken effort to send fate_spy through.

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