Grilled Birds 3 - 1 star^strikers
League, Season 1906 April 2003 04:30 HTT
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Grilled Birdsstar^strikers
Chen Chiew-Yen (35)
Tom Pence (47)
Miguel Reed (53)
Gao Wong (82)

Starry Starry Night
Tellskär Put To Sleep

It tooked star^strikers being reduced to ten men before Grilled could gain any purchase against the combative club, who more than made up for their lack of individual skill with a strong work ethic.
Their gameplan was simply to break up Grilled's passing with hard tackling, as Hao Shi-Hien showed with a snide kick to Aznan's shins after the Malay midfielder had twisted away from him. Other than that, they depended on Gao Wong to bring home the bacon, and the slippery forward nearly put star^strikers ahead with a harrowing strike that Bao-Tam batted aside with difficulty.

star^strikers' midfield hard man Cai Tse-Man probably made a mistake when he kicked a ball away after Grilled were awarded a free-kick, since it meant that the yellow card he received later on for tugging at Tom Pence would be his second.

With Cai off, Grilled suddenly found themselves with much more freedom, and Chen Chiew-Yen got himself a second chance immediately afterwards. While his first effort slid wide of goal, Chen made no mistake this time and clattered it in off the foot of the post.

The visitors were aghast when Chen Chiew-Yen tumbled over into the penalty area soon after the restart, and the referee awarded the penalty; They argued that firstly, Ji-An had barely touched the forward and secondly that Chen started falling while outside the box, but to no avail as Tom Pence calmly sent Wing-ho the wrong way.

Zhen Ju-Hau then chose to remind the opponents that he wasn't easy pickings, as he stuck a leg out and brought Hao-Ngoc down after the opposition midfielder had tried to pull him back. Reed cemented Grilled's superiority with a first-time half-volley that put his side up three to the good.

star^strikers continued to battle on in their usual aggressive fashion, and Yee Ji-An sent Tellskär off injured with a knee to the belly in a frantic skirmish for possession. Gao Wong then got the consolation through Yu Yongye's extraordinary acceleration, before substitute Asher Stanton had his opportunity late on well saved by Wing-ho.

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