Grilled Birds 3 - 2 Rubiskaya
League, Season 1911 May 2003 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsRubiskaya
Kau Siu-Cheung (19)
Asher Stanton (29)
Miguel Reed (48)
Da Huat-Seng (11)
Danny Shrubb (33)

Reed Rends Rubiskaya
Stanton Hero To Zero

Grilled stretched their league winning streak to four as they saw off the challenge of Rubiskaya in a highly enjoyable contest that saw the lead change hands a few times.
Rubiskaya were, like Grilled, an ambitious promoted club, and they had it all to prove after two defeats in a row, where they let in a total of eleven goals. Scoring was never quite their problem, though, and attacking midfielder Da Huat-Seng was living proof as he ran onto a searching pass by Danny Shrubb to put his side ahead.

Da had reason to worry as he did the same last week and ended up on the end of a 1-6 thrashing by All The King's Men, and history looked to repeat itself as Kau Siu-Cheung soon cancelled that goal out, with Dai-Lin providing the assist.

Zhan Ju-Hau was cautioned for a calculated tackle, but his sacrifice was worth it as the free-kick was cleared to Ma, who had a field day with Rubiskaya's slow wingback Lin Wan-Zufli. His skill pulled the central defenders wide, and that was all Asher Stanton needed to occupy the centre and lob the goalie.

Grilled were mistaken if they thought they had it made, and Rubiskaya knitted together a good string of passes, made easier by Lan Tuan-Mu's hobbling from a knock. Goalscorer Asher Stanton then squandered his contribution, sending a telegraphed pass into Danny Shrubb, and the Rubiskaya striker easily sidestepped Bao-Tam to reset the score.

The Birds needed a hero, and they got one in the 48th minute as Miguel Reed went to ground in the opposition area after some contact. The Rubiskaya players were certain that Reed could have stayed up had he wanted to, but the referee's word was final, and Reed converted the penalty personally.

It then became a cat-and-mouse game as Rubiskaya desperately sought a third goal, as Grilled headed them off in whatever manner required. Weng Seng-Huat and Aznan Noor Yadah both got booked for needed challenges, with Lin Wan-Zufli the unlucky victim of Aznan's extended leg.

Grilled had a couple of good opportunites to close the game off, both from Ma Dai-Lin crosses, but Chen and Shen's headed tries were both well kept out by Sha Yo-Hsin.

    Vectrex Axed
    Uneven Matching
    Bao-Tam Fine
    Langen Lances Huel-sheng
    Psychological Training
    Reed Rends Rubiskaya
    Whatever It Takes
    Caved In
    Delicate Visit
    Town Fall
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