Adidas 0 - 3 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 4), Season 1923 April 2003 04:30 HTT
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AdidasGrilled Birds
Tim Hobson (23)
Miguel Reed (35)
Kau Siu-Cheung (67)

Adidas Assaulted
Zhan Takes Medicine

Grilled worryingly appear to have embraced vengeance a little too readily, as their players happily kicked Adidas off the pitch in a bad-tempered fourth round Cup game.
The Birds gave up playing their usual way after Bao-Tam was clattered in the 18th minute, with the offending Adidas forward not punished, though stand-in goalkeeper Tomás Semprún Balenciaga was up for it and blocked a good effort by Min Yuen-Fatt seconds after coming on.

There was again no booking when Jarno van Pelt appeared to knowingly use his arm to stop Ma Dai-Lin's header from going in, although the penalty was given; Hobson scoring from it did little to stop the sense of injustice from preying on Grilled's players, and Adidas' Sapian bin Abu didn't help with a dive later on.

Sapian was still complaining when Grilled sent the ball through the middle and Miguel Reed blasted one in from nearly thirty metres, and the referee had no option but to book the argumentative striker after blowing to acknowledge Reed's goal.

The match was settled by Siu-Cheung's soaring header in the 67th minute, but Grilled were not quite satisfied, and began to put real bite behind their tackles. Liu Vinh-Loc, who came closest in the second half, got booked for diving, soon after Min Yuen-Fatt was taken off after constantly being hacked at by the Birds.

Zhan Ju-Hau, the main participant, then went one further by going in two-footed from behind on Badrul Afzan bin Adan, which left the Adidas midfielder in a crumpled heap and drew a straight red from the referee. That sparked a shoving match between the two groups of players, which the officials took some time to resolve by also booking Nor Suhaimi bin Che Lah.

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