Sarcastic Fringeheads 0 - 2 Grilled Birds
Cup, Sapphire (Round 2), Season 6627 September 2017 05:15 HTT
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Up On All Fronts

Grilled head coach Djan Bacelar thought that the two-nil against Sarcastic Fringeheads was a solid result, but also that he had expected more after observing the first ten minutes.

"They may be a division above us currently, but they were also obviously resting their best midfielders." Bacelar noted. "Shutting up shop or not, with well over sixty percent of the possession, I would expect our boys to have tested them a lot more."

"Fair play to Bérnicot, by the way. He was immense in goal."

It doesn't look good for Fringeheads skipper Radomír Adam as he faces a month's layoff after getting his right ankle caught between Yuta Nakakita and the turf, something that the Grilled defender regrets. "It was a heat-of-the-moment thing, and I'm sorry it turned out like this."

Farmer Bunnies too advanced in the Singapore Consolation Cup as they beat Pulau Ubin club StinkoDevils 3-1, with Enzo Paolo Panzarino fulfilling his responsibility as the team's main striker, as he opened for the Buns in the 38th minute after a frustrating press from the Devils.

Mattias Heddahl brought the Devils' supporters alive, as he headed an equaliser the very next minute, and Mike Höttges added fuel to the fire with a super save on Abderahim Bentellis from the response. The Buns would prove the more resilient, however, and Aswad Mohd Jafni's goal in the 66th was followed by a neat penalty conversion by Panzarino.

Though just about all the big names remain in it, the Bunnies got a relatively good draw for the next round, snagging III.14 leaders Coco FC. "It won't be easy by any means," Sikong Darong said, acknowledging Coco's recent routs. "but as fixtures go, it's manageable."

Grilled International too enjoyed success over in Japan, as they narrowly defeated Division Five hosts The Rainmaker DreamTeamXI. A spin-off of Portugal's PrestonNorthEnd FC, DreamTeamXI held International to a goalless 120 minutes, on a day where the forwards could do no right. Fine shotstopping by Saswata Shah, combined with good takes from Zaini bin Hj Kaling and Tommy Dongelmans, would finally win it for them.

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