Grilled Birds 4 - 4 ArSenal U21
League, Season 6624 September 2017 04:30 HTT
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Taking The Micky

Hoàng's agonizingly-close attempt at the death drew audible groans throughout the stadium, but the exhausted players barely had the strength left to react, as they sunk to the grass as a body after the final whistle went.

Djan Bacelar would admit that stamina was becoming a concern, but that compromises had to be made. "This was enjoyable for viewers, not so much for us." he said. "I can't get over how much space Matero had for those two early goals - we had the beating of ArSenal, otherwise."

"Yes, the way we gave up their last equaliser was also disappointing, and tiredness probably led to it, but we're pressed for skills training as it is." he added. "I really don't want to have the players work in endurance runs right now."

Farmer Bunnies too bounced back with a narrow 1-0 home victory over Deportivo Costa del Este, with reserve midfielder Miran Raulj - again filling in on the left - the unlikely matchwinner. On a day where the Bun's much-more reputed strikers failed to get on target, the big Croat bulldozed his way to get to Solihin Noor Yadah's 36th minute cross, for the all-important goal.

"We got all the points, and that's what's really matters." Enzo Paolo Panzarino said after drawing a blank. "Deportivo played deep, which wasn't ideal for us, especially on such a heavy pitch."

Grilled International would fare the best for once, as they ripped troubled Swiss hosts fontannen international 7-0. Micky bin Kadir notched his first career hat-trick, as he volleyed freely from the steady supply coming from the flanks.

Abdul Hamid bin Hj Ali Timbang likewise booted one in, Soo Kiong Yau converted from the spot, Franciszek Jaźwiecki found the net from some distance in the 67th, before Safari bin Hj Jali completed the scoring late on.

With the big win thrusting them into the top half of the table on goal difference, International fans were over the moon. "The boys were magnificent today!" travelling fan Loo Ah Jing, 57, exclaimed. "I sense better days coming for us."

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