Cats United 1 - 8 Grilled Birds
League, Season 6626 November 2017 04:30 HTT
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Second To One

Grilled will host Robbie Football Club with no mathematical way of overhauling them in the final fixture of the season, after Tomasz Krużołek headed in an early winner in a bruising encounter with -Blitz-.

Birds fans will fancy their chances of a repeat victory with RFC's influential defender Aldo Buendia suspended, and playmaker Frank Sandmann a severe injury doubt into the bargain, but as far as Djan Bacelar was considered, whatever the outcome of the upcoming battle, RFC had won the war.

"They conducted a largely flawless gameplan in the league, after their opening loss to us." the head coach said. "Good on them. We simply didn't have the consistency to keep up."

Grilled do need some points from that game to stay second, assuming -Blitz- beat ArSenal U21, who were upset 1-2 at home by newbies are newbies today. The Young Gunners have incentive in the form of Really McCoys snapping at their heels, though newbies will really want to beat McCoys to stay up. Although Ropelearner FC appear in a precarious position, finishing the day in seventh after a narrow defeat at McCoys, they should yet claim a qualification match by virtue of hosting Cats United next weekend.

Bunnies confirmed second spot in III.11 with their 9-0 thumping of Co6, which saw former -Blitz- youth player Wong Ting Yew claim his first career hat-trick, at 25 years of age. Longtime partner Lau Chang Wan barely missed doing the same, scoring two, as their hapless local rivals wandered leaderlessly at Carrot Field.

"I have to confess, I've never dreamt of this happening." Wong said. "I'm at heart a defender through and through."

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