11 November 2017
Shahabuddin Laughed Last

Grilled International sold 17 year-old Shahabuddin bin Norul Adib to Italian Division Seven side Alpha Aquilae for a nominal fee today, with head coach Tajit bin Mohd acknowledging a tinge of regret that they couldn't have kept the talented midfielder.

"Shaha's a smooth operator, and he'd have been a shoo-in when we first started out. The club has got to get real results fast, however, and we didn't think it was fair to hold him back because of that."

For the boy himself, the pro contract - over serious interest from another respected Brunei side, Mare & Monti, as well as Italian fifth division outfit Warp11 FC - represented a degree of vindication, after having been bullied out of several opportunities, which affected his trial with Sportivo Verde Alfajor Filial.

"I don't want to dwell on the past, but let's just say that this accomplishment was especially sweet." Shahabuddin, who remains undecided on whether to request for a switch to the wing, said. "I have to thank the trainers at the Bees, for always being so supportive."

There would be no fairytale for Grilled Birds' Nasim Ibrahim, however, as he threw in the towel after a two month-long search for a new employer. The Chicken Wings had put the unorthodox attacker to good use after he got cut from Yagami High FC of Random Curiosity FC fame, but a noted reluctance to follow team orders probably stymied his stock from rising.

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