Grilled Birds 2 - 2 Cornwall Pylons
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 6624 November 2017 22:00 HTT
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Micky Retaken

A draw seemed as good as a win for head coach Djan Bacelar, who was all praises after the game. "Nine marks out of ten for effort today." he beamed. "We were wailing on them at the start - just need that bit more killer instinct to return."

Retiree Tim Ho, who was identified as the diehard who had called for a draw after the defeat to FC (S)CHALKIDIKI 04, admitted to being pleasantly surprised. "There was a bit of the old championship Birds back there."

Of course, Grilled are hardly likely to progress to the next round, as they face Einebakken Kickers - who routed FC (S)CHALKIDIKI 04 by four goals to nothing today - next. Despite the likely trainwreck, though, young Chan Ze Han professed to be looking forward to it.

"We need to play stronger teams to learn... and well, Einebakken definitely qualifies."

On the national end, new Farmer Bunnies defender Morgan Hu earned his third cap in a 0-3 away defeat to Greece, and received a yellow card into the bargain for his dodgy clash with Nikodimos Saravakos. The quick restart was eventually mopped up by Quah Woon Qiang, but it wouldn't keep Saravakos from kickstarting Greece in the 39th minute.

Over at Grilled International, it was Micky bin Kadir's day as he grabbed four goals in their 8-0 razing of Real Hazard, which puts the Number Eighteen atop the VI.113 scoring charts with fifteen goals, one ahead of Benfica 1904's Marian Chivulescu.

Although nobody is pretending that the Golden Boot is a sure thing, with both International and Benfica set to face troubled opposition on final day, homeboy Micky remained the talk of the town back in Brunei.

"It's really nothing." the straight-laced Micky tried to disavow his interest in the award, wholly unconvincingly.

    Hineys Kicked Roundly
    Last Meow
    Second To One
    Pylons Held
    Micky Retaken
    Izzaq Austria-Bound
    Hiten Rukato Seven-Oh
    Returned Twofold
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