26 August 2017
Making Do

This combined end-of-season dinner had to be one of the more low-profile ones in Grilled history, what with it being a fairly disappointing season for all involved. The Birds wound up runners-up again - hardly acceptable to their fans, in Division Three - while the Buns did claim the scalp of S-League side FC Barca Singapore in spectacular fashion in cup competition, but faded into obscurity immediately after. Grilled International were just mediocre all around, by their own tacit admission.

It wasn't all doom and gloom, with Grilled's Moey Xin Seng exhibiting an impressive sense of humour as an emcee, a huge deviation from his usual no-nonsense attitude. The even-younger Chan Ze Han was also a natural crowd-pleaser, judging from the reception he got on claiming a second Young Player of the Season award.

"Many of us have worked very hard," said 18 year-old Hahi Izham, who dropped by before his flight to join up with Spanish club Cd orellut on a free transfer. "but I'll be straight - Chan totally deserves it on merit. No question about that."

There was also little debate about the senior title, which went to Cyril Künzler, after he nearly shared it last season. The Polish right winger has only further established himself as an integral part of this Grilled unit, scoring thirteen times, and racking up even more assists.

The Rancher Rabbits' Lim Jing Boon claimed the Buns' Young Player gong, with it being little secret that he has more or less outgrown the U-20 setup. While the 16 year-old may not quite be in the same tier as Ze Han, he will surely have no problems in establishing a pro career, and has already begun specialized grooming towards that end.

Faithful servant Kwek Yun Jie would be recognized with the Player of the Year award, as his quiet dependability finally won over the supporters. That, and his seven goals - the third most for the season - couldn't have hurt either.

Old pal Tham Leng Teck was only too pleased at his buddy's achievement. "We've been through a lot, and I think Kwek's gotten the short end of the stick too often. He's the responsible sort of attacking wingback, which means a lot of tracking back and self-sacrifice, which is usually not appreciated nearly enough."

Tommy Dongelmans was honoured for Grilled International in the youth department, and they had only one real choice for the big one - Soo Kiong Yau, unheralded 32 year-old centreback, who found a second wind to his career with twelve goals, almost all from set pieces.

"There was a period where you just thought, he's definitely going to put it in." teammate Subhi bin Hj Ahmad commented.

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