24 August 2017
Borg Spoke World

Grilled concluded their Supporter Week Trophy run with two huge wins and the wrong end of a whitewash. First up was Swiss H.I. club End of the World, and despite being without the rested Chan Ze Han, the Birds romped to a 7-3 scoreline. The forwards dominated the first half, and a Mohammad Ramli Saliman-led midfield line, the second.

Norwegian fifth division side Borgestad FK then stunned Grilled in the fourth minute as Bjørnar Ulland beat Hoàng Trung Quá for pace, after which Cyril Künzler placed a penalty wide. No worries, as Chan Ze Han chipped Sølve Sæterskar some ten minutes later to level up, before a constant stream of goals made it 8-2. Six-time Swedish Divison Two winners IFK SPOKET were rather tougher customers, in contrast, and their infuriatingly-efficient defence saw them smash the Birds 5-0. Mohammad Ramli Saliman was sent off in the 40th for deliberately tripping Vsevolod Kovsh after losing a header, leaving 35 year-old Juha Välkkynen to shine.

Djan Bacelar felt that the tournament matches were a fair reflection of the club's current condition, all in all. "It was an okay effort with some encouraging displays. Discipline is beginning to become a problem, however - you know who you are. I can accept honest mistakes, but not petulant fouls."

The Buns would suffer through a winless and scoreless last day, with Austrian Division Four Gütersloher Kickers outdoing them on the counter, 2-0. Another former Swedish Division Two champion in Seb IF offered up a far more attractive contrast of styles, but lousy finishing from the forwards kept Farmer Bunnies from finding a winner. Brunei second division side New Horizon then had Damiano Fornesi's 14th minute strike sink the Buns in the last game.

Grilled International continued their losing streak, although Yao Erguo and the increasingly-eyecatching Yavor Babanski did put up some resistance in a 2-4 loss against Irish Division Four club Racing Dublin. There was no such fortune against Classic Sky (Swiss Division Six) and United Mixter (Azerbaijan Division Three), who beat them by four and two clear goals respectively.

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