22 August 2017
BRASOV Package Deal

Newly-founded Romanian club BRASOV Black Dragons would look to Singapore to beef up their squad, and an exchange with Grilled's respected head scout Tham Beng Li saw them raid both the Birds and the Farmer Bunnies for new blood.

From the Chicken Wings, the Dragons recruited the 18 year-old ballplaying defender Fletcher Dao, who has been lauded as having a healthy mix of skill on the ball, and old-fashioned grit. On the other hand, the knock on him has been that he has not always known when to switch between these modes.

Mok Feng De, who pressed Dao's case, was however confident that this was something that his protégé would grow out of. "He's the modern sort of centreback who dares to try things, and as such a mistake or two is only to be expected. I see Dao as an asset to a team that prioritizes possession."

In contrast, there's little mystery or subtlety to Sridhar Prabhu's style, with the 17 year-old from the Rancher Rabbits very upfront about what he offers - solid marking on the ground, and excellent coverage above it. The 1.88m Prabhu further claims to be still growing, surely to the dismay of strikers on the opposing side.

Tham, who recommended that BRASOV take a look at Prabhu too, hopes that the young duo can support each other on their new adventure. "It's a pity they played on different youth sides, they make a really complementary unit. Well, it's never too late."

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