12 August 2017
Saz And Sass

Grilled International took on yet another youth midfielder who had passed through the Busy Bees again today, with Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh signing a four-year contract, a fortnight out of eligibility.

His Bees buddy Wang Hanxuan described Sazwan as an excellent distributor, but more than that, a born leader on and off the pitch. "He's just somebody we all naturally like to hang about, y'know. He keeps us all together."

Sazwan will go from the Number 18 he wore with the youth team to Number 22, but the Bees should not be too distraught at his departure, having lined the very-promising Mohd Kamarul bin Hj Naqib up to fill in.

The senior side's continued woes - they lost 0-2 despite winning possession against Shaka Zibby - will likely work in the younger set's favour, as the coaching staff hinted that they were prepared to keep on sacrificing results in view of the longer term.

Tajit bin Mohd for one was definitely pleased to announce that the club would be expanding their stadium, beginning immediately. The expansion will more than double its capacity to some 25000, in addition to an extensive upgrade of facilities, as well as the installation of a twenty-box VIP level, that will support six hundred well-heeled season ticket holders.

"As for the new name... we're all still thinking about it."

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